Bill Krolicki | Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Furniture Origins Ltd.

by tomekb on 08/22/2016

I think this is an excellent guide to creating standard work using the TWI approach. I watched some videos on TWI Job Instrutions, but didn’t really get it. The author provides 41 tips to consider when writing up the standard work. In true TWI fashion, he also provides the reasoning behind the tips. Providing the reason makes it much clearer what you are trying to accomplish.
The author obviously has lots of experience implementing TWI JI and JM. He does a nice job occasionally injecting his own feelings or experiences. I find it helpful when someone who is really experienced can say “this is the most common mistake that I see people make.”
The book takes you step by step through the process of writing up standard work. It also talks about how to improve the standard work. It then gives a plan on how to start implementing standard work. Finally it gives the instructions for how to run your own TWI training course.
I think I will be referring to the book often as I start to try to install standard work in my department. With this clearly laid out model that is proven to work (it helped the US win WWII), I have a much higher degree of confidence in my chances of success.

tomekbBill Krolicki | Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Furniture Origins Ltd.